Norway, Faroe Islands and the European Union have agreed on a mackerel quota down 15% for 2016.

“I am pleased that we have established a quota for 2016. This is a good solution for Norway,” said the country’s fisheries minister Elisabeth Aspaker.
The three parties agreed a total allowable catch (TAC) of 895,900t of mackerel for 2016. The quota is determined by a new management plan for mackerel, and is down 15% from the 2015 quota.
The TAC is allocated 201,663t to Norway, 112,892t to the Faroe Islands and 441,586t to the EU. Distribution was based on the distribution key defined in the tripartite agreement of 2014.
This includes a share of 15.6% of the total quota to other coastal states, and other states fishing mackerel in international waters.

This year coastal state negotiations on mackerel were held in Clonakilty, Ireland, Oct. 20- 23.